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How Do You Lower Cholesterol? Dr. Brett Heilbron - St Paul's Hospital

Cholesterol is an important constituent of the body, and is necessary for the functioning of all the cells in the body. But excessively high levels can actually result in deposition of fatty deposits in the arteries that can lead to subsequent events such as angina, heart attack and stroke. There are two main types of cholesterol. There's a bad cholesterol, or LDL, and a good cholesterol, or HDL, which is actually protective. And it's actually the bad cholesterol that results in the fatty deposits in the arterie

Lowering High Blood Pressure Dr. Brett Heilbron - St Pauls Hospital

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, not just in developed countries, but in developing nations as well. There's now overwhelming evidence that treating high blood pressure can reduce the risk of subsequent cardiovascular events quite dramatically. If you look over a five-year-period, reducing blood pressure will reduce your stroke risk by about 40 percent and your heart attack risk by about 15 percent.

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